Declutter Your Feed: Unfollow All Facebook Accounts with This Chrome Extension



Feeling overwhelmed by the noise on your Facebook feed? The "Facebook Unfollow All Following Users" Chrome extension streamlines the process of unfollowing everyone you're currently subscribed to, offering a clean slate and a more curated Facebook experience.
This extension remove all users from Following tab :
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 Learn how to install and use the "Facebook Unfollow All Following Users" Chrome extension to declutter your Facebook feed and take back control of your social media experience.

Are you tired of scrolling through an endless stream of irrelevant content on your Facebook feed? Do you find yourself bombarded with updates from people you barely know or haven't interacted with in years? If so, the "Facebook Unfollow All Following Users" Chrome extension can be your saving grace.

This handy tool simplifies the process of unfollowing all your current Facebook subscriptions. Here's how it works:

Manual Installation:

  1. Download the Extension: While the extension isn't available through the official Chrome Web Store due to security limitations, you can download it directly from a trusted source (disclaimer: always be cautious when downloading software from external sources.).
  2. Enable Developer Mode: In your Chrome browser, navigate to chrome://extensions/ and enable "Developer mode" in the top right corner.
  3. Load the Extension: Click "Load unpacked" and select the downloaded folder containing the extension's files. or simply drag and drop the extension's folder into chrome extensions page. 


Obtaining Your Token:

To ensure your account's safety and prevent unauthorized activity, the extension requires a security token. This token is generated on a separate website:




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English Tutorial:

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By utilizing the "Facebook Unfollow All Following Users" Chrome extension, you can reclaim control of your Facebook experience and curate a feed that reflects your interests. Remember to prioritize security by only using trusted sources and understanding the extension's functionalities.