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This handy extension helps you to invite all non-fans who reacted on your page posts to like your page.


This is the free version, limited to:

- 5 posts (Will invite all users who reacted to the last 5 posts of your page).

- 100 user for each post


To order unlimit version contant me via my Facebook page messages or Twitter


How to use

- Enter your page URL, same as this : https://www.facebook.com/Shreateh.Ethical
- Enter how many latest posts, max 5 cause its free version

You may get error message telling to change your page language to english (us), make sure your language is english (us) and make sure your page URL is correct, do not add extra text to your page URL, this is a wrong page URL (https://www.facebook.com/Shreateh.Ethical/?ref=br_rs) cause there is extra texts (variables) which is (?ref=br_rs)



Full Tutorial


Installation: طريقة التحميل

First - أولا

Contact me if you want a private copy free of terms of use


For suggestions or reporting a bug in any extensions, open this page ( click her). then scroll down and leave it in comments




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