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This FREE chrome extension will help you to delete any group you own!



How to use

- Paste Your Group Link 
- Choose to remove your group members only or remove members and terminate it permently . (CheckBox) 

- Hit Start

Hints If Not Success

1.  Set your facebook language to English (US)
2. Run it from the group creator account.
3. Delete other admins and blocked users (Check : Facebook Groups/Pages Banned Users Removal )
4. Clear browser data and try again
5. Report any bug to me in order to patch it.


This extension will NOT remove members who  blocked you, to solve this problem you need to create a new facebook account or use another one of your own, add it as an admin to your group and try to remove members from it. 


English tutorialhttps://youtu.be/D2frW4Enwqg
فيديو تعليمي بالعربية : https://youtu.be/CDqNQ4LqFC0

Installation: طريقة التحميل

First - أولا

Contact me if you want a private copy free of terms of use



For suggestions or reporting a bug in any extensions, open this page ( click her). then scroll down and leave it in comments



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