Remove Deactivated Friends Accounts from Your Facebook Friend Lists

For some users, dead accounts pushed them over the 5,000 friend limit, making it impossible to continue adding active friends.
Thankfully, there is something that we can do about all those deactivated accounts cluttering our Friend Lists.


This extension helps you to remove those inactivated friends accounts  from your friends list.


Only Collect Deactivated Accounts (Active by Default)
this option will collect deactivated friends accounts without removing them from your friend lists. uncheck the box to remove them. 


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Facebook users may want to remove deactivated friend accounts from their Facebook friend lists for a few reasons:

  1. Clutter Reduction: Deactivated accounts can clutter up the friend list, making it difficult to find active friends and maintain an organized network. Removing deactivated accounts helps declutter the friend list and provides a clearer view of the active connections.

  2. Inactive or Non-Responsive Friends: Deactivated accounts are essentially inactive and non-responsive. If a user notices that a friend's account is deactivated, they may choose to remove it from their friend list to keep their network focused on active and engaged connections.

  3. Privacy and Security: In some cases, users may have privacy or security concerns related to deactivated accounts. They may prefer to remove deactivated accounts to limit access to their personal information and protect their own privacy on the platform.

  4. Accuracy and Relevance: Having accurate and relevant information within the friend list is important to some users. If a friend's account is deactivated, their profile information and activity become outdated. Removing deactivated accounts ensures that the friend list reflects the most current and relevant connections.

  5. Personal Preferences: Ultimately, the decision to remove deactivated friend accounts is a matter of personal preference. Some users may simply prefer to have a streamlined and active friend list, while others may not be bothered by deactivated accounts.

Facebook provides users with the option to remove deactivated friends, allowing them to curate their friend list according to their individual preferences and needs.