Facebook ID's Scraper - Custom AD's Audiences

Collect Facebook Users IDs To Target Your Ad To Them

* Choose how manny users IDs you want to collect, Hit [Export Results] to save the IDs in CSV file format. 

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How do I create an audience for my ad?

After you've chosen your advertising objective and finished editing your campaign creative, you'll create your audience for your ads in the Audience section.

Use the targeting options, such as location, demographics, interests and behaviors, to define the relevant audience for your ads.

The Potential Reach on the right side below Audience Definition will show you an estimate of how many people your ad could potentially reach with the targeting options you choose. Keep in mind that your actual audience size depends on your budget and the duration of your campaign.

How should I choose my ad's audience?

Your audience should be based on the people you want to see your ad. If you know the specific segment of people that you want to reach, target your ad directly to them. If you don't know the specific segment of people you want to reach, target your ad more broadly and we'll optimize your ad for you.

How do I create an ad with an audience from Audience Insights?

You can create an ad with an audience from Audience Insights by clicking Create Ad in the top right corner of Audience Insights. You can choose whether you'd like to create your ad in the ads create tool or in Power Editor.

In the ads create tool, your audience filters will automatically be selected in the Audiences section. You can continue refining your audience in this section.

In Power Editor, create an ad and select your audience in the Audience tab under Use Existing Targeting Group.

How many Audiences can I create per ad account?

You can have up to 500 Audiences (ex: Custom Audience or lookalike audiences) per ad account.



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