Facebook Fake Admin Notifications - Chrome Extension

This extension is one of smart extensions i made . It will help you increasing your page's posts reaches . 

The sum of post reach and total reach?

The sum of post reach won't equal total reach because Pages can reach people through content other than posts. For example, if someone visits a Page after searching for it, they'll be counted in total reach but not post reach. Also, if someone sees more than one Page post, they'll be counted in post reach for each post they see, but they'll only be counted once in total reach.

How will this extension help my page's posts reach ?!

This extension will help increasing your total posts reaches which better for all of your page posts . 
The extension will send fake notification to all of your friends lists, after that for sure your friends will click that "interested" notification and so they will visit your page in a result of increasing your page's posts reach . 

Tutorial On Youtube 

Tutorial On Facebook 

Note : The Tutorial is for 1 account to avoid annoying my friends, the extension will come with choices of : 

- send fake notification to all of your friends . 
- custom the notification of all admin type "Admin,Editor,Moderator ..etc" .

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