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I Recomebded You Reading This Article First 


Target group members for your ads , groups can be in your local country , it might be a group for a college .. etc. 
Important Notes
- Should be used on verified account (mobile + ID document) 
- Should be used one time per day for each facebook account .
- You cant share this extension with friends, when you buy you will get one license at a time, you can change your license account but this will automatically remove the old account . You will have your own control panel for that.
Real ID: always your license ID
Old ID: you current working facebook account ID . 
New ID: your new facebook account ID that you want to use the extenion on . 
- You will get the first update of this extenion for free, second time you need to buy . 
No warranty  that facebook wont block or place limits on your account, or ask you to scan your PC from maleware . because this depends on the new facebook updates. 
This extenions is powerful for targeting facebook users and promote what you need, beside that it was coded to bypass most of facebook limits.

Depend on your post : 

- increase your youtube video views .
- increase your website traffic.
- increase your FB page likes .
- increase your account followers.
- make more money by spreading your ads.


Extension build with 3 integrated methods for bypassing facebook block system : 

Terms & Conditions

- This extension will tag 350 member for each group, more than 350 member facebook might block your account for 1 day.
- This extensionw will tag in maximum of 8 groups,  more than 8 groupsr facebook might block your account for 1 day.
- Total tags => 350 X 8 = 2800. to tag more than 2800 just create new facebook account and change your license to it . 

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