Meta disabled account based on several criterias. however these criterias under facebook terms of use

about recover disabled facebook account



However, the request to recover the account is accepted or rejected based on the violation type.

For example, if you exchange nudes photos of young or photos related to crimes against humanity, then it is impossible to recover your account unless there is a bug in the company. (previously, there was a bug in Facebook system that led to the recovery of any disabled Facebook account, the bug was closed within days).

How to recover disabled facebook account 

- Fill the diabled form 

open this link and fill the form

if the form is not availabe in your region then seach google for another one. 

- Contact facebook ads team 

you need an active ads account to contact the facebook ads team, if you dont own an ads account then you can ask a friend to help you. Tell them that your account is a bussiness account, and you need to get back to your customers .. etc 

how to contact facebook ads team, watch

- Contact alternative facebook team

open this link

chose the option which says : What kinds of information does Facebook collect? 

fill your name and email. 

once you received an email from facebook, then reply back telling them about your issue. 

Beaware, some scammers may tell that they can recover your account with certain amount of money, there is nothing like that. 

Anyway, Facebook mostly doesnt accept to recover accounts, if nothing worked with you then create a new account and move on. 


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