As many of you know that Facebook patched one of my latest exploits where i was able to tag users in non removable posts, you can read about it in this article :

It seems that Facebook failed patching the vulnerability, somehow they placed a wrong code where it coverted the menu line choice with another facebook page . 

When a friend tag you in a post, you can simply click the right top arrow to choose to untag, unfollow, hide all .. etc . 

Facebook patching mistake converted the "Hide all from .." menu line to be " Hide all from ‎Ahmed Spider احمد سبايدر‎", where "Ahmed Spider" is a facebook page. 


How to check !

Copy this demo link : 
Create A new post , Type @ and tag one of your friends . 
Hit enter for a new line after the tagged user line, paste the above link and wait for facebook to preview your link . 

Now your friend will see " Hide all from ‎Ahmed Spider احمد سبايدر‎" as the above picture shows . 

Bug reported, should to be patched correctly soon .